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Third party coverage adds credibility and punch to effective marketing programs!

Has your company or its products been featured on in the past? If so, you may want to consider a reprint or license to use the coverage and branding in your marketing program. Reprints are affordable and effective for print and Web marketing. Don't waste this opportunity!

Consider the possibilities...
trade show literature   brochures   direct mail
web site testimonials   customer newsletters   sales kits
sales presentations   investor relations material

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Link Policy

Anyone may link directly to content as long as a few simple rules are followed. There is no cost for this. You may link to any page on any IRI site as long as it is not password protected or obviously meant to be accessed by the administrator or other limited users. Click here to see our link policy and guidelines.

Standard prices below include printing and copyright/trademark license fees. Please note that the standard size is 8½ x 11. Special sizes can be priced upon request. Design, plating and delivery costs are extra. The typical cost to re-layout an article is $50-$100 depending on the time required. Shipping costs depend on the delivery service and distance. Standard paper grade is 80# stock for both B&W and color prints.

Black and White
  1-2 Pages 4 Pages
1,000 Copies $295 $433
2,000 Copies $368 $575
3,000 Copies $440 $720
4,000 Copies $505 $860
5,000 Copies $575 $1,000
Per 1,000 over 5,000 $70 $140

Four Color
  1 Page 2 Pages 4 Pages
100 Copies $523 $653 $948
200 Copies $545 $683 $983
300 Copies $573 $715 $1,018
400 Copies $598 $745 $1,050
500 Copies $618 $775 $1,085
600 Copies $630 $790 $1,115
700 Copies $643 $805 $1,145
800 Copies $655 $820 $1,175
900 Copies $668 $835 $1,208
1,000 Copies $680 $850 $1,238
2,000 Copies $823 $1,030 $1,533
3,000 Copies $965 $1,208 $1,830
4,000 Copies $1,110 $1,380 $2,110
5,000 Copies $1,255 $1,550 $2,390
Per 1,000 over 5,000 $135 $165 $275

Copyright License
Ok, maybe you do not want a typical reprint. Instead, you want to use an excerpt from the story in a sales kit or sales presentation. We can license the right to use articles and branding for your custom need.

Electronic Reprint (E-prints)
Electronic reprints can be purchased for $500 per article. E-prints allow you to post an article on your Web site. Our staff will provide electronic versions of the article including artwork and branding.

Legal Notice
All content including articles and related artwork appearing in is protected under international copyright law. No copying or reprints can be made of content appearing in without the consent of Industrial Reporting Inc. (IRI). IRI will license reprint and copyrights on a case by case basis. The logo and name are trademarks of IRI. Violators are subject to fines and penalties.

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