Diamondback offers rare lightweight and rackable pallet option

PrimePal's Diamondback® plastic pallet is a light-weight, rackable plastic designed and manufactured for durability. A nine block style design, the pallet gets its strength from a structural grid that is inserted into the impact-resistant top panel.
By MaterialsHandling.Net Staff
Date Posted: 12/21/2006

PDQ Plastics Inc. manufactures and supplies a wide range of plastic pallets, including export grade plastic pallets. The PDQ Plastics export grade pallets have a 40x48 footprint. These nestable, four-way entry pallets feature a nine-block design.

One model, made of commingled recycled plastic, weighs 22 pounds, has a dynamic load capacity of 2,200 pounds and a static load capacity of 5,500 pounds. The company offers two other types of export grade pallets, including a model with three snap-on runners to facilitate double-stacking.

The company’s line of durable plastic pallets includes the Super D, a 40x48, four-way entry pallet of nine-block design. Made of high density polyethylene and weighing 50 pounds, the Super D can be used in applications where temperatures dip to 40 degrees below zero to 200 degrees above zero.

The Super D has a static load capacity of 25,000 pounds, and dynamic load capacity is equal to lift truck capacity. It is available in 12 colors at no additional charge and also is available in a flame retardant material. The Super D features a three year guarantee. For more information, contact PDQ Plastics Inc. at (800) 447-7141, e-mail pdqplast@superlink.net or visit www.pdqplastics.com 

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