Sumpraxis Offers Innovative Corrugated Pallet Design in U.S.

Triangular design of the SolidPak pallet provides strength and lightweight features.
By Chaille Brindley
Date Posted: 2/6/2009

One fairly unique idea found at the recent Promat materials handling show is the SolidPak pallet marketed in the United States by Sumpraxis ( It uses triangular corrugated board to create a lightweight, strong, unique design.  

Ashok Syal, managing director of Sumpraxis, said that the triangle is the strongest load bearing shape imaginable and that many corrugated layers put together provides significant strength for carrying loads considering the lightweight nature of the packaging itself.  

Weighing roughly 10% the weight of a wooden pallet, the design offers a corrugated pallet that can be assembled at the user’s location without adhesives. Pallets can be sent unassembled, which allows 3.5 times the normal number of corrugated pallets in a trailer. 

The triangular sections fit snugly into the top deck and will not come out thanks to the patented design, according to Sumpraxis. Currently, the SolidPak design is patented in 22 countries. 

A variety of materials can be used in the SolidPak design. This includes standard corrugate, recycled paper, corrugated plastic, etc. Ashok of Sumpraxis said the SolidPak pallet will sell for equal to or slightly less than a new wood pallet depending on the type of material used. 

SolidPak is marketed as an environmentally friendly product that is fully recyclable and exempt from international phytosanitary requirements. Designs can come in a variety of footprint sizes, configuration. This includes both block and stringer pallet designs as well as pallet containers and store-ready displays. 

Ashok said, “Some of the products are integrated with the packaging boxes as well as with the point-of-sale packs, this will help producers to ship their goods directly to the retail points, without the need of offloading the products from the pallets in the warehouses behind the stores. Saves time and effort…Of course the pallets lend themselves easily to bar coding, advertizing, RFID solutions etc.” 

The product is targeted to be commercially available by the middle of 2009. Currently, Sumpraxis is looking for manufacturing partners. For more information, visit

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